In November 2018, Maps view stopped working in Lightroom Classic 6.14. However, you can now re-enable it by using your own Google API key.

Update April 2023: Be aware that the solution described in this article no longer works. I recommend moving on to a Lightroom subscription if you want a working Maps module.

Are you still using Lightroom 6.14 and are you missing either the Maps view or the Reverse Geocoding (Adobe calls it Address Lookup) functionality? There is now a possibility to restore both.

1.Background of the issue

Late in 2018, Adobe released a blog post where they announced that as of November 30, 2018, in Lightroom Classic 6.14 (the final version of the perpetual license) the Map view will no longer be available in the Map module. Effectively, this rendered the whole Map module useless:

Picture of Google Maps View error message in Lightroom Classic 6.14
Google Maps View error message in Lightroom Classic 6.14

You may know that I am not a fan of the Adobe subscription model, so until I have concluded my search for a Lightroom replacement, I will be a happy user of Lightroom 6.14. As such, I liked to hear that I can possibly restore my Lightroom version to full functionality.

I heard about the solution in one of my Photography Podcasts and I had to try it out immediately. I can happily report that both Maps View functionality and Reverse Geocoding functionality have been fully restored.

Update July 2020: I have now chosen an alternative to Lightroom Classic. I would highly encourage you to read this article before you apply the patch mentioned below. You might miss out on more than you think.

2.How to fix the Lightroom Maps View

Please note that the solution outlined below requires advanced IT skills. You can break your Lightroom installation if you are not careful. You may want to ask an IT expert to help you with this procedure.

The solution has been published on GitHub, by a user named astuder: Fixing the Map Module in Lightroom Classic. I can only suggest to carefully read the instructions multiple times before you start. In summary, these are the steps you need to follow (a simplified summary from the GitHub page):

  1. Create your own personal Google Maps API key
  2. Extract files from the Lightroom Maps module
  3. Patch these files to replace Adobe’s expired API key with your personal API key
  4. Replace files from the Lightroom Maps module with the patched files

Again, I can only recommend to fully read the instructions so you are aware of possible side-effects. But if you successfully complete the instructions, your rewards are a working Maps View and Reverse Geocoding functionality in Lightroom Classic 6.14. Good luck!

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