I am proud that my application for being a VTNÖ member was approved – I am excited and I am looking forward to many interesting experiences.

I am proud to announce that my application for becoming a VTNÖ member was approved on June 5, 2013. I am totally excited and I look forward to many interesting experiences in this context! The VTNÖ (Verein für Tier- und Naturfotografie Österreich / Austrian Association of Wildlife and Nature Photographers) is the biggest and most influential group of photographers in Austria for this specific photographic area.

Here is the link to my profile on the VTNÖ homepage. A big “Thank you” to all of you who continued to encourage me – you know who you are.

1.Why did I become a VTNÖ member?

I was playing with the idea of becoming a VTNÖ member already for a while. But when you look at all the amazing pictures produced by the members, it is easy to become frustrated. Andrea and I did spend some time joining workshops with people who are already members. When talking to them, you begin to understand that nearly everyone went through the same process.

Also, the feedback I got on my pictures did help me a lot with my development. I admit, not everything I heard about my pictures was nice, but it was the truth. And this is what I believe is really important: you need to be able to accept constructive criticism. Once you start accepting the input, you can move forward. At the same time I have to admit it is really hard to find someone who will share his honest opinion and is constructive at the same time. So I guess I was really lucky in that regard.

But the primary reason for me to apply was that I wanted to prove that I can do it. And if you believe you have some talent in this specific area, I would encourage you to apply as well. The application process is clear and answers all of your questions. Good luck!

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Picture of Robert Reiser

Robert is an enthusiast amateur photographer from Austria with a preference for black & white and infrared photography. He is an active member of the Austrian Association of Wildlife and Nature Photography (VTNÖ). In his spare time, he likes to take pictures and write about various photographic topics. More about Robert.