Being able to spend 2 days with huskies in Ebensee, Upper Austria allowed me to take a lot of different creative approaches. Enjoy the resulting pictures!

On February 21 & 22, 2015 we were able to spend 2 days in Ebensee, Upper Austria, attending a workshop held by Naturfotoworkshop Herbert Koeppel. The nice thing was that we had only one topic to deal with – huskies.

Being able to spend 2 days focusing on a single topic allows you to get really creative with those impressive dogs. It takes a while, but at some point you begin to understand that these dogs have totally different personalities. Some are quiet and calm, others are active and playful. The biggest challenge with nearly all of them is that huskies never hold still. Huskies like to run, some of them 40 kilometers – per day. We were not only able to take pictures of the dogs at lake Offensee, where husky sled rides are available to visitors, but also at their home in Ebensee.

1.Huskies are not for everyone

There are a lot of things to consider with these dogs, so huskies are certainly not for everyone. Not only do they need a lot of space, but also a lot of attention. All of them were really trusting and had no issues with the visitors.

But we still need to keep in mind that they are close descendants of wolves. We could experience this when all of the huskies – about 20 in total – started howling at the same time. I would not like this to happen in the middle of the night. :-) The owners also told us a couple of really interesting stories of what happened when some of the huskies escaped from their home. It ended pretty ugly for some of the neighborhood animals.


We would like to thank Christa and Bernd, the owners of Huskytraum, for their warm welcome and for patiently answering all our questions. If you ever wanted to experience a husky sled ride, this is the place to go. I tried it and it was awesome :-)

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