Photography Projects

On this page you will find currently published photography projects. I consider them as collections of pictures with a common theme. As such, their content is much more coherent and they represent a deeper look into some topic or area. I would like to describe this category as “Pictures I have spent time and thoughts on“. Currently, one of my favorite projects is Huskies, where I had the opportunity to spend a whole weekend with a group of huskies. It allowed me to use some creative approaches, both while taking pictures and during post-processing.

My other type of picture collections are Galleries. Each gallery is usually related to a specific time frame. To view a collection of my best pictures, visit the Portfolio page.

I am archiving older collections from time to time to keep the site clean. You can find archived content on the Picture Archive page.

Photography projects:

One of the few totally black huskies. Taken in front of a dark background, the result could be froma werewolf movie.


Pictures of a husky workshop in Ebensee, Upper Austria. Being able to spend 2 days with the huskies allowed me to take a lot of different approaches..

 1 year ago | Photography Projects
Group of Trees

Path To Silence

Pictures taken during a snowy vacation in Pernegg. “Path To Silence” is a hiking path in that area, it was the perfect title for the project.

 8 months ago | Photography Projects