On this page you will find currently published photography projects. They are usually collections of pictures taken with a specific purpose in mind. As such, their content is much more coherent and they represent a deeper look into some topic or area. I would like to describe this category as “Pictures with a common theme or topic“.

Currently, one of my favorite projects is Huskies. I had the opportunity to spend a whole weekend with a group of huskies. Actually, it inspired me to use a very creative approach, both while taking pictures and during post-processing.

My other type of picture collections are Galleries. Each gallery is usually related to a specific time frame. To view a collection of my best pictures, visit the Portfolio page.

Photography Projects articles:

Chimney Group #1 / Casa Milà

Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona – a Reflection on Forms and Structures

This project is dedicated to the stunning work of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. His creations are still as modern as they were more than hundred years ago.

Sicilian Balconies: A visual reminder of increasing isolation and separation

Sicilian Balconies: A Visual Reminder of Increasing Isolation

Today, many people choose to be isolated and separated from the world around them. Sicilian Balconies is a visual reminder of this trend.

Header Image for the Harley Davidson Museum Shoot Post

Harley Davidson Museum Shoot

Exhibit details of the famous Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee, USA, together with some technical notes about the shoot.

One of the few totally black huskies. Taken in front of a dark background, the result could be froma werewolf movie.

Huskies From a Different Perspective

Being able to spend 2 days with huskies in Ebensee, Upper Austria allowed me to take a lot of different creative approaches. Enjoy the resulting pictures!

Group of Trees

Path To Silence

Pictures taken during a snowy vacation in Pernegg. “Path To Silence” is a hiking path in that area, it was the perfect title for the project.