Photography How and Why

I have created the “Photography How and Why” category to share solutions to issues I have encountered and wanted others to know about. This is an effort to give something back to the large community of photographers on the Internet. This community did help me a lot to develop my skills and answer my questions.

Currently, the most popular posts in this category are dealing with the proper handling of infrared pictures in Lightroom:

Current Photography How and Why posts:

An example of aesthetically pleasing golden ratio print borders

Golden Ratio Print Borders

Some thoughts about creating aesthetically pleasing print borders using the golden ratio, with a calculator for any given paper size.

Lightroom 6

How to Update to Lightroom 6

Upgrading to Lightroom 6 is not as easy as it was with Lightroom 5. This article outlines the differences and shows how to work around the challenges.

Three different stages of a solar eclipse as it was visible on March 20, 2015 in Vienna.

How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse

Technical challenges recording the solar eclipse and how to address them, using example pictures taken on March 20, 2015 in Vienna, Austria.