Infrared Photography

Knowing that a lot of site visitors are interested in this topic, this overview should serve as a good starting point for your journey into Infrared Photography. Are you new to Infrared Photography? In this case, I would recommend reading the following articles in order:

  1. The Infrared Photography Tutorial: How to Do It Right From the Start explains the basic concepts and issues 
  2. Infrared Camera Conversion Service: The Complete Provider Overview will help you make a choice if you would like to have your camera converted
  3. Proper Infrared White Balance in Lightroom explains how to deal with the strong red cast of infrared pictures in Lightroom
  4. Infrared Blue Sky Effect in Lightroom explains how to create the infrared blue sky effect, even if you don’t use Adobe Photoshop

Here are some articles I am currently working on. My plan is to publish them as soon as my time allows me to finish them:

  • What would an ideal infrared camera look like?
  • What is in my infrared camera bag?

If you would like to see a specific topic covered, please contact me any time – I am always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Available Infrared Photography articles: