In general, commentaries reflect my personal opinion about something. It could be to share the reasons behind a decision I made, like why I decided to (partially) migrate to Olympus and Micro Four Thirds instead of sticking with my Nikon gear. Or it could be about a service experience that was initially bad and later turned into a pleasant surprise.

All posts in this category are based my personal experience and my personal – of course subjective – opinion. You may agree or disagree with the content, but in any case I would love to hear about your opinion by leaving me a comment.

Currently published commentaries:

Introducing Micro Four Thirds

Recently I made a decision to buy into the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) system. Here are the reasons and why I will *not* immediately sell my DSLR.

Photography Podcasts

Hand-Picked Photography Podcasts

A compilation of selected photography podcasts, available in MP3 format. Included are RSS links for convenient download to your podcatcher.