In general, commentaries reflect my personal opinion about something. It could be to share the reasons behind a decision I made, like why I decided to (partially) migrate to Olympus and Micro Four Thirds instead of sticking with my Nikon gear. Or it could be about a service experience that was initially bad and later turned into a pleasant surprise.

All posts in this category are based my personal experience and my personal – of course subjective – opinion. You may agree or disagree with the content, but in any case I would love to hear about your opinion by leaving me a comment.

Commentaries articles:

A blog post about why I am no longer using Olympus MFT gear

The Reasons Why I Am No Longer Using Olympus MFT Gear

Are you thinking about switching to or from Olympus MFT? Read this article first to understand why I am no longer using Olympus MFT gear.

Lightroom Alternative Header Image

My Quest for a Lightroom Alternative Is Over. This Was My Choice.

For nearly 3 years, I was searching for an alternative to Adobe Lightroom Classic. Finally I made a decision so I can move on with my photography.

Gravestone showing the end of Lightroom

It’s the End of Lightroom as We Know It (And I Don’t Feel Fine)

Are you a perpetual license user, affected by the end of Lightroom 6? Read this to understand Adobe’s move and what your alternatives are.

Is Micro Four Thirds good enough?

Is Micro Four Thirds Good Enough? A Realistic Evaluation after 2 Years.

After two years of using Micro Four Thirds Equipment, I am trying to answer the question “Is Micro Four Thirds good enough for me or not?”

My bad Gitzo service experience

My Gitzo Service Experience Or: Leverage the Power of Social Media

Support for a premium priced product? You would think this is easy. How my initially bad Gitzo service experience took an interesting turn.

Introducing Micro Four Thirds

Recently I made a decision to buy into the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) system. Here are the reasons and why I will *not* immediately sell my DSLR.

Photography Podcasts

Hand-Picked Photography Podcasts

A compilation of selected photography podcasts, available in MP3 format. Included are RSS links for convenient download to your podcatcher.