Gravestone showing the end of Lightroom

It’s the End of Lightroom as We Know It (And I Don’t Feel Fine)

Are you a perpetual license user, affected by the end of Lightroom 6? Read this to understand Adobe’s move and what your alternatives are.

Botswana Impressions Header Image

Botswana Impressions (Southern Africa Safari, the “Water” Based Part)

A summary of our Botswana impressions, the first part of our Southern Africa safari. Read about what to expect of various places in Botswana.

A European Bee-Eater aggressively staring at a branch. Does he expect a response? May 2017, Burgenland, Austria.

Austrian Nature Impressions, June 2017

A gallery of nature and wildlife Impressions, taken at various places in Austria. It provides a view of the beauty and diversity of Austria.

Picture of a camera sensor where the hot miorror filter gets replaced by an infrared filter, as part of an infrared camera conversion service

Infrared Camera Conversion Service: The Global Provider Overview

Trying to find an infrared camera conversion service provider? Check out this global list of businesses and learn about helpful details.

Chimney Group #1 / Casa Milà

Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona – a Reflection on Forms and Structures

This project is dedicated to the stunning work of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. His creations are still as modern as they were more than hundred years ago.

Various layers of fields, pine trees, buildings and mountains form this landscape at the sunset. Southeast of Siena, Tuscany.

2016 Pictures: The Annual Summary

2016 pictures is a gallery summarizing the year – taken in Lobau, Vienna, in Tuscany, Italy and in the southeast of Styria, Austria.

Taking Shelter: Huskies often curl up and cover their nose with their tail to provide additional warmth. The snow flakes and the conversion to B&W support the impression of very low temperatures.

‘Taking Shelter’ Was Published

I am proud to announce that the German photography magazine SCHWARZWEISS did publish my picture “Taking Shelter” in their issue 114.

Is Micro Four Thirds good enough?

Is Micro Four Thirds Good Enough? A Realistic Evaluation after 2 Years.

After two years of using Micro Four Thirds Equipment, I am trying to answer the question “Is Micro Four Thirds good enough for me or not?”

Sicilian Balconies: A visual reminder of increasing isolation and separation

Sicilian Balconies: A Visual Reminder of Increasing Isolation

Today, many people choose to be isolated and separated from the world around them. Sicilian Balconies is a visual reminder of this trend.

This infrared photography tutorial will help you understand how to do infrared photography by breaking down and explaining the concepts and the issues.

The Infrared Photography Tutorial: A Guideline for Your Ideal IR Solution

This infrared photography tutorial will guide you to your personal IR solution by identifying and explaining the most relevant and important choices.

Header logo for the Nik collection post

Nik Collection Is Now Available for Free. How Can This Be Bad News?

Google gives away the Nik collection for free. Certainly a fine deal for photographers, but there are consequences you should be aware of.

My bad Gitzo service experience

My Gitzo Service Experience Or: Leverage the Power of Social Media

Support for a premium priced product? You would think this is easy. How my initially bad Gitzo service experience took an interesting turn.