An example of aesthetically pleasing golden ratio print borders

Golden Ratio Print Borders

Some thoughts about creating aesthetically pleasing print borders using the golden ratio, with a calculator for any given paper size.

Lost in Space: The Danube river creates beautiful structures in the overflow areas, and sometimes you are lucky to spot a scene like this one.

2015 Pictures

Pictures from the second half of 2015, taken at Nationalpark Gesäuse, Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) and Nationalpark Donauauen.

Header Image for the Harley Davidson Museum Shoot Post

Harley Davidson Museum Shoot

Exhibit details of the famous Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee, USA, together with some technical notes about the shoot.

Lightroom 6

How to Update to Lightroom 6

Upgrading to Lightroom 6 is not as easy as it was with Lightroom 5. This article outlines the differences and shows how to work around the challenges.

One of the few totally black huskies. Taken in front of a dark background, the result could be froma werewolf movie.

Huskies From a Different Perspective

Being able to spend 2 days with huskies in Ebensee, Upper Austria allowed me to take a lot of different creative approaches. Enjoy the resulting pictures!