Namibia Impressions Header Picture

Namibia Impressions

A summary of our Namibia impressions, from a three week trip through the country. Read about what to expect of various places in Namibia.

Olympus Infrared Lens Review

The Olympus MFT Lens Infrared Performance Review

How suitable are Olympus Micro Four Thirds lenses for infrared photography? Here is an IR performance review of 14 Olympus and third-party MFT lenses.

Visual demo of the impact of diffraction in infrared photography

Why You Should – and How to – Avoid Diffraction in Infrared Photography

Diffraction impacts infrared photography more than in visible light. Calculate the aperture limits for any IR filter, based on your personal requirements.

An example of aesthetically pleasing golden ratio print borders

Golden Ratio Print Borders, Revised

A tool for creating visually pleasing print borders using the golden ratio. You can calculate and preview the result for any picture or paper size.

luminar for infrared photography header

Why You Should No Longer Consider Luminar 4 for Infrared Photography

Skylum Luminar 3 was an excellent tool for infrared photography. Here are the reasons why Luminar 4 is no longer recommended.

How to Re-enable the Google Maps View in Lightroom Classic 6.14 Header Picture

How to Re-enable Google Maps View in Lightroom Classic 6.14

On November 30, 2018, Maps view stopped working in Lightroom Classic 6.14. However, you can now re-enable it by using your own Google API key.

Delete Old LIghtroom Backups header

How to Automatically Delete Old Lightroom Backups in Windows

Chances are that Lightroom backups have started filling your hard drive. This article shows you how to automate the deletion of older backups.

South Africa Impressions Header Image

South Africa Impressions (Southern Africa Safari, the “Land” Based Part)

A summary of our South Africa impressions, the second part of our Southern Africa safari. Read about what to expect of various places in South Africa.

Lost in Space: The Danube river creates beautiful structures in the overflow areas, and sometimes you are lucky to spot a scene like this one.

‘Lost in Space’ is a Highlight

I am proud that my picture ‘Lost in Space’ was selected as ‘Highlight’ in the ‘Composition and Form’ category of the VTNÖ competition 2017.

Gravestone showing the end of Lightroom

It’s the End of Lightroom as We Know It (And I Don’t Feel Fine)

Are you a perpetual license user, affected by the end of Lightroom 6? Read this to understand Adobe’s move and what your alternatives are.

Botswana Impressions Header Image

Botswana Impressions (Southern Africa Safari, the “Water” Based Part)

A summary of our Botswana impressions, the first part of our Southern Africa safari. Read about what to expect of various places in Botswana.

A European Bee-Eater aggressively staring at a branch. Does he expect a response? May 2017, Burgenland, Austria.

Austrian Nature Impressions, June 2017

A gallery of nature and wildlife Impressions, taken at various places in Austria. It provides a view of the beauty and diversity of Austria.