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Hi there – welcome to Robert Reiser Photography! I have created this website to give something back to the Internet community. Why? Without the help of the community, I could not have developed my photographic skills as quickly as I was able to. So, besides hosting my personal blog, this site offers to you:

About Robert Reiser

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Robert Reiser

I was born 1964 in Vienna, Austria. Photography is my hobby since the late 1970s. After shooting film using various cameras, in 2001 I switched completely to digital photography. I found the benefits simply overwhelming. In 2013, I was accepted as a member of the Austrian Association of Wildlife and Nature Photography (VTNÖ). Currently, there are two topics influencing my photography:

  • Downsizing. For years, I was lugging around bags full of heavy DSLR gear. But now I am enjoying the lightness of a Micro Four Thirds (MFT) system. In this post, I am explaining the reasons.
  • Black and White. More and more, I feel attracted by B&W pictures. I am also experimenting with Infrared photography, which is a closely related topic.

To keep up with what is going on in the world of photography, I like to listen to photography podcasts.

Accomplishments, awards and publications

Date Description
November 2017

Lost in Space: The Danube river creates beautiful structures in the overflow areas, and sometimes you are lucky to spot a scene like this one.
Lost in Space

 VTNÖ Fotowettbewerb 2017

Highlight in the ‘Composition and Form’ (Komposition und Form) category

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October 2016
Taking Shelter: Huskies often curl up and cover their nose with their tail to provide additional warmth. The snow flakes and the conversion to B&W support the impression of very low temperatures.
Taking Shelter

Published in SCHWARZWEISS issue 114

Reader’s pictures on the topic ‘Animal Portraits’

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January 2016
On a boat trip, you could see the heavy rainfall in the distance, with the layered mountains in the background.
Distant Rain Shower

Published in NaturFoto issue 1/2016

Reader’s pictures on the topic “Bad Weather”

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November 2014
These birds are tiny, about 10 cm in length. I was actually taking pictures of seals, when this guy sat down next to me and started his morning stretching exercises.
Yellow Warbler

VTNÖ Fotowettbewerb 2014

Highlight in the “Golden Light” (Goldenes Licht) category

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November 2013

October 2012

This picture was taken on a rather dull day. Only after the conversion to B&W the drama in the clouds became much more prominent.

VTNÖ Fotowettbewerb 2013

Highlight in the “Nature Landscapes” (Naturlandschaften) category

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Fotowettbewerb Nationalpark Gesäuse

1st place in the “Landscapes” category

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June 2013vtnoe_logo

Accepted as a member of the VTNÖ

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October 2012
This four-minute exposure of a stone in a floating river was later converted to black and white using Silver Efex 2. I especially like the contrast between the rock details and the smooth water.

Fotowettbewerb Nationalpark Gesäuse

2nd place in the “Landscapes” category

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