Pictures from the second half of 2015, taken at Nationalpark Gesäuse, Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) and Nationalpark Donauauen.

Wow. Another year did pass so quickly, and unfortunately much less photography was involved than originally planned. Nevertheless, there were a few opportunities to take pictures. Some of the 2015 pictures I have decided to show here.


Nationalpark Gesäuse: We have been there quite often, but there are still places we haven’t seen before. This time we did explore the areas around Gstatterboden and Johnsbach as well as the Pürgschachen Moor. Gesäuse usually means lots of macro photography opportunities.

Milwaukee County Zoo (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA): a very nice location I would recommend visiting if you are anywhere nearby. The zoo area is huge, and the animals have lots of space. This is unlike many other zoos I have seen. One thing I noticed there and would like to see implemented in Europe: The fines for feeding the animals are up to 2.000 (two thousand!) USD. This should help drive the correct behavior of the visitors.

Nationalpark Donauauen: Most of the pictures were taken in autumn, after the leaves started turning yellow and red. A branch of the Danube river did provide some interesting graphical scenes. Beyond colored leaves, the wood offered lots of opportunities. Personally, I find it extremely hard to take meaningful pictures of wood – did you ever try?

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Picture of Robert Reiser

Robert is an enthusiast amateur photographer from Austria with a preference for black & white and infrared photography. He is an active member of the Austrian Association of Wildlife and Nature Photography (VTNÖ). In his spare time, he likes to take pictures and write about various photographic topics. More about Robert.