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Take specific and useful how-to guides, especially on infrared photography. Flavor with opinions. Fold pictures into the mix. This is Robert Reiser Photography.

A step-by-step guide on how to process infrared photos in Lightroom by creating a custom infrared white balance profile.

How to Set Proper Infrared White Balance in Lightroom

Your infrared pictures are all red? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set proper white balance for your infrared pictures in Lightroom.

Picture of a camera sensor where the hot miorror filter gets replaced by an infrared filter, as part of an infrared camera conversion service

Infrared Camera Conversion Service: The Global Provider Overview

Trying to find an infrared camera conversion service provider? Check out this global list of businesses and learn about helpful details.

This infrared photography tutorial will help you understand how to do infrared photography by breaking down and explaining the concepts and the issues.

The Infrared Photography Tutorial: A Guideline for Your Ideal IR Solution

This infrared photography tutorial will guide you to your personal IR solution by identifying and explaining the most relevant and important choices.

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Olympus Infrared Lens Review

The Olympus MFT Lens Infrared Performance Review

How suitable are Olympus Micro Four Thirds lenses for infrared photography? Here is an IR performance review of 14 Olympus and third-party MFT lenses.

Visual demo of the impact of diffraction in infrared photography

Why You Should – and How to – Avoid Diffraction in Infrared Photography

Diffraction impacts infrared photography more than in visible light. Calculate the aperture limits for any IR filter, based on your personal requirements.

An example of aesthetically pleasing golden ratio print borders

Golden Ratio Print Borders, Revised

A tool for creating visually pleasing print borders using the golden ratio. You can calculate and preview the result for any picture or paper size.

luminar for infrared photography header

Why You Should No Longer Consider Luminar 4 for Infrared Photography

Skylum Luminar 3 was an excellent tool for infrared photography. Here are the reasons why Luminar 4 is no longer recommended.

How to Re-enable the Google Maps View in Lightroom Classic 6.14 Header Picture

How to Re-enable Google Maps View in Lightroom Classic 6.14

On November 30, 2018, Maps view stopped working in Lightroom Classic 6.14. However, you can now re-enable it by using your own Google API key.

Delete Old LIghtroom Backups header

How to Automatically Delete Old Lightroom Backups in Windows

Chances are that Lightroom backups have started filling your hard drive. This article shows you how to automate the deletion of older backups.